News on 24 August 2015

Hello boys and girls,

Summer holidays are at an end. Results are out 🙂

I hope you have all done well and gotten the grades you desired.

Upcoming courses and exam solutions
# Fully written exam solutions for IGCSE Additional Maths code 0606 for May/June 2015 are out, view HERE

# We will continue to upload IGCSE Maths extended paper2 and 4 code 0580 for May/June 2015 as well as the Alevels CIE Maths/Statistics/Mechanics and Further Maths exam solutions for the recent summer 2015 exams. Keep a lookout!

# We are going to upload the fully written solutions, step by step, to our 2 topical workbooks for:-
Revision workbook for IGCSE Add Maths Year 10 by topics
Revision workbook for IGCSE Add Maths Year 11 by topics

We believe that using both the e learning videos as well as the revision workbook will really really help you get that A!

Keep your peeps here.

Cheers and talk soon.

Special Pre Exam Promo (May/Jun 2015)

ATTENTON! Last minute help !
Special pre exam promo for :
Alevels Further Maths Paper 1
Alevels Further Maths Paper 2 (9231) Statistics
Alevels Further Maths Paper 2 (9231) Mechanics
CIE A2 Mechanics 2 Paper 5
CIE A2 Statistics 2 Paper 7
IGCSE Add Maths Year 10
IGCSE Add Maths Year 11

For those of you sitting for the above exams, in this month and next, here is a last minute help. Still not too late to get that desired grade, that A….

You can purchase and view our online e learning videos here…At 50 percent discount.

You will be given full access to the modules for this one sitting only.

Access will close strictly the day after the exam.

Please fill out the form below to get the 50% Discount
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IBHL Maths Options Paper for Statistics and Probability Launched

Hello folks,

Yes, exams are round the corner. Keep at it, do your best and don’t give up!

Our exam solutions are up to date, check out the menu “Alevel CIE Exam Full Solutions” drop down.

We are happy to announce that we have finished and completely uploaded our IBHL Maths Options Paper for Statistics and Probability. We have the complete e learning videos for this option and it is presented in 6 topics :-

  1. Combining random variables
  2. Statistical Distributions
  3. Cumulative Distributive Functions
  4. Unbiased estimates & confidence intervals
  5. Hypothesis testing
  6. Bivariate Distributions

You can purchase this IBHL options separately here or together with the rest of IBHL Maths here.

It is not too late to use our learning videos for your IBHL paper 3 exam end of next month!

Remember you can email or use our chat app etc to ask us questions or seek further explanations about the modules you bought.

Remember we are here for you .. study hard 🙂 and best wishes to all of you taking exams this summer.

Latest uploads and upcoming courses

Hello boys and girls ,

Hope you are all settling well and doing great !
Just a quick note on what is new and what is upcoming on our e learning site.

Latest Full Exam Solutions!
We have uploaded the full exam solutions to the Oct/Nov 2014 exams for the following;
IGCSE Add Maths Oct/Nov 2014 code 0606 /21/22/23 and 0606/11/12/13    View Here
IGCSE Maths Oct/Nov2014 code 0580/21/22/23 and 0580/41/42/43    View Here

Alevels CIE Oct/Nov2014
Pure Maths Paper 1 9709/13/12/11    >>
Pure Maths Paper 3 9709/31/32/33    >>
Statistics 1 Paper 6 9709/61/62/63    >>
Mechanics 1 Paper 4 9709/41/42/43    >>

All exam questions for IBHL PAPER 1 from May 2011 to Nov 2013 is arranged topically    View Here
The solutions are all written out with full details and ‘step by step’.

Upcoming courses
Our next immediate upcoming course will be :
IBHL MATHS Options Probability & Statistics
There has been some requests from our IBHL students for the above and we are making it available this month. The e learning videos will present the above in 6 chapters as follows:

  1. Combining Random Variables
  2. More about Statistical Distributions
  3. Cumulative Distributive Functions
  4. Unbiased Estimates & Confidence Intervals
  5. Hypothesis Testing
  6. Bivariate Distributons

View Here

New App on our site “CHAT WITH US” the red button on the bottom right of our site.
We have included a Chat With Us app for those of you who wants to ask us questions about our site or courses available etc.
You can always mail us here or use this chat app.
Do remember to leave an email address so that we can contact us back asap.
The crazy time zones makes it difficult to reply when we are asleep 🙂

Meanwhile study hard guys and girls… peace