How to score A in CIE AS/A Level Physics 9702

Instructions for SUCCESS in CIE‬ A Level Physics (code 9702) with THE MATHS CENTRE

Check out the CIE Physics exam solutions by topics HERE or by years HERE

We have uploaded paper 4 of Alevels Physics CIE code 9702 exam solutions written and explained in full and arranged topically as follows. The exam questions and full solutions date from 2015 to 2006 (past 10 years). Please check out our free preview HERE and look out for our free sample videos..

The physics questions are arranged topically as well as by year.

The physics papers 4 exam solutions are arranged by topics as follows:

  1. Circular motion & Gravitation   (31 questions)
  2. Ideal Gases   (19 questions)
  3. Temperature & Thermal Properties Of Materials   (25 questions)
  4. Oscillations   (29 questions)
  5. Electric fields   (23 questions)
  6. Capacitance   (15 questions)
  7. Magnetic fields & Electromagnetism   (28 questions)
  8. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents   (31 questions)
  9. Quantum Physics   (28 questions)
  10. Nuclear Physics   (27 questions)

We believe this is a remarkable tool to help you learn and get ready to ace your A Level Physics Paper 4 exams which carries the most marks amongst all the AS and A2 papers.

Cambridge International AS Level Physics 9702

1) Our AS Physics course consists of over 26.3 hours of e learning video time and carefully cover the required syllabus. The course has 2 main parts 1; complete notes with explanations and examples and part 2; e videos of past year questions specially chosen, arranged topically and explained by our instructor Mr Menon.

The whole course takes up more than 26 hours of painstaking video time and even more hours of specially preparing notes and explanations for the course. The total no of past year exam questions covered are over 340.

This course is complete, exam focused and aims to teach a student all the theory he needs to excel in both Paper 1 and 2.

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Cambridge International Alevels Further Mathematics code 9231 coming soon

Our latest upload is Further Mathematics code 9231 for Alevels Cambridge.
The first chapter made available is Polynomials and rational functions.

Our own further maths modules will be uploaded and follows the Cambridge Alevels CIE Syllabus HERE

  1. Polynomials and rational functions
  2. Polar coordinates
  3. Summation of series
  4. Mathematical Induction
  5. Differentiation and Integration
  6. Differential Equations
  7. Complex numbers
  8. Vectors
  9. Matrices and linear spaces

We need to remind those of you who are taking further maths that as per the ALevels CIE syllabus, it is mentioned

‘Knowledge of the syllabus for Pure Maths P1 and P3 in Mathematics 9709 is assumed, and candidates may need to apply such knowledge in answering questions’

We have therefore prepared our further maths modules based on the assumption that students have knowledge of P1 and P3 maths.
Nevertheless our solutions are fully detailed and not sketchy. Our further maths modules are prepared following closely the syllabus and use actual exam questions plus some of our own selections to explain the said topics. These modules are made available for viewing only.

However our modules stand out because they zero in on the syllabus. We used actual exam questions to explain ideas.

Please respect our copyright and do not reprint without our permission.

CIE P3 May/June 2013 question 9 code 9709/33 exam solution

Free instruction on Alevels CIE P3 May/June 2013 question 9 code 9709/33 (10 marks question)

Hello, Here is some last minute help for those taking Alevels CIE P3. This is a 10 marks question on differentiation and integration of trigonometric functions 🙂


The videos is in 2 parts.

Good luck to all you taking exams !

Video Part 1 (8:26 mins) :

Video Part 2 (3:49 mins) :