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Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics (0580) is accepted by universities and employers as proof of mathematical knowledge and understanding. Successful Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics candidates gain lifelong skills, including:
• the development of their mathematical knowledge
• confidence by developing a feel for numbers, patterns and relationships
• an ability to consider and solve problems and present and interpret results
• communication and reason using mathematical concepts
• a solid foundation for further study.

Prior learning
We recommend that learners who are beginning this course should have previously studied an appropriate lower secondary mathematics programme.

Cambridge IGCSEs are general qualifications that enable learners to progress directly to employment or to proceed to further qualifications.

Candidates who are awarded grades A* to C in Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics Extended curriculum are well prepared to follow courses leading to Cambridge International AS and A Level Mathematics, or the equivalent.

Candidates may follow either the Core curriculum or the Extended curriculum. Candidates aiming for grades A* to C should follow the Extended curriculum.

All candidates will study the following topics:
1. Number
2. Algebra and graphs
3. Geometry
4. Mensuration
5. Co-ordinate geometry
6. Trigonometry
7. Matrices and transformations
8. Probability
9. Statistics

Cambridge IGCSE Mathematics 0580 extended e learning videos

IGCSE Maths fully worked exam solutions

** Our syllabus is current and updated to 2019
IGCSE Maths Extended Syllabus (PDF)