CT5 Contingencies (Actuarial Mathematics)

This is the Contingencies course as studied by actuarial science students world over.

This course aims to provide a thorough grounding in the mathematics used to model and value cashflows dependent on death, survival or other uncertain risks.

It involves the application of interest theory and statistics in the evaluation of cashflows dependent on contingent events.

It covers the contingencies syllabus of universities worldwide currently offering actuarial science.

It includes the Actuarial Mathematics (CM1) syllabus of The Institute of Actuaries England starting in 2019.

For details of the core reading, please refer to the IFoA website.

Chapters :

1. Life assurance contracts Coming soon USD$  
2. Life annuity contracts Coming soon USD$  
3. The life table Coming soon USD$  
4. Evaluation of assurances and annuities Coming soon USD$  
5. Net premiums and reserves Coming soon USD$  
6. Variable benefits and with profits policies Coming soon USD$  
7. Gross premiums and reserves for fixed and variable benefit contracts Coming soon USD$  
8. Simple annuities & assurances involving two lives (1:21:13) View Here USD$ 30
9. Contingent and reversionary benefits (1:45:43) View Here USD$ 30
10. Competing risks (1:24:04) View Here USD$ 30
11. Pension funds (2:09:31) View Here USD$ 30
12. Profit testing (1:36:56) View Here USD$ 30
13. Profit testing & reserves (2:05:16) View Here USD$ 30
14. Mortality, selection and standardisation (1:13:48) View Here USD$ 30

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Contingencies -Profit Testing lecture at UCSI Kuala Lumpur (05 Feb 2020)