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Chapters :

The time value of money;
Interest rates

(Video time: 2hrs 58mins)
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Real and money interest rates;
Discounting and accumulating

Video time: (59mins)
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Level annuities
Video time: (1hr 55mins)
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Increasing annuities
Video time: (1hr 54mins)
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Equations of value
Video time: (1hr 53mins)
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Loan schedules
Video time: (2hrs 1min)
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Project appraisal
Video time: (1hr 40mins)
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Bonds, equity and property
Video time: (2hrs 4mins)
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Term structure of interest rates
Video time: (4hrs 8mins)
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The life table
Video time: (1hr 56mins)
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Life assurance contracts
Video time: (3hrs 52mins)
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Life annuity contracts
Video time: (1hr 55mins)
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Evaluation of assurances and annuities
Video time: (2hrs 3mins)
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Variable benefits and conventional with-profits policies
Video time: (3hrs 56mins)
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Gross premiums
Video time: (1hr 58mins)
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Simple annuities & assurances involving two lives
Video time: (1hr 21mins)
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Contingent and reversionary benefits
Video time: (1hr 46mins)
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Competing risks
Video time: (1hr 24mins)
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Profit testing
Video time: (1hr 37mins)
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Profit testing & reserves
Video time: (2hr 6mins)
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