Cambridge International AS & A Level Accounting

The study of Cambridge International AS & A Level Accounting allows learners to take the first step towards a career in accountancy and business. With a good understanding of the subject, students can progress to a degree in a related field, or go on to study for the professional qualifications of one of the major accounting bodies.

AS Level Accounting

1. Financial Accounting (AS Level)
1.1 The accounting cycle Coming soon
1.2 Accounting for non-current assets Coming soon
1.3 Reconciliation and verification Coming soon
1.4 Preparation of financial statements Coming soon
1.4.1 Adjustments to financial statements Coming soon
1.4.2 Sole traders Coming soon
1.4.3 Partnerships Coming soon
1.4.4 Limited companies Coming soon
1.5 Analysis and communication of accounting information to stakeholders Coming soon
2. Cost and Management Accounting (AS Level)
2.1 Costing for materials and labour Coming soon
2.2 Traditional costing methods
2.2.1 Absorption costing Coming soon
2.2.2 Marginal costing Coming soon
2.2.3 Cost-volume-profit analysis Coming soon
2.3 The application of accounting to business planning Coming soon

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