Cambridge International AS Level Physics 9702

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  1. You can study this complete, exam focused AS physics course conveniently, anytime, anywhere or from the comfort of your home. Learn at your own pace and watch the physics lessons repeatedly. This is extremely convenient and practical.
  2. This course is complete, comprehensive, exam focused and follows the syllabus. It is delivered to you in 2 parts;
    1st part; complete notes with explanations and examples. Principles, concepts and applications are emphasized.
    2nd part ; e videos of past year questions specially ,carefully chosen and arranged in topical order with solutions and explanations by our instructor .
    Total video time is about 27 hours with 340 past year exam questions.
    We are confident you will excel and do well using our course!
    The list of text books used by Mr Menon are all endorsed by Cambridge and some from his personal collection.
  3. While learning with us on this course, you may access our instructor for further explanations pertaining to our course material ( email or chat on our site) You are not alone as you learn with us!

1) Our AS Physics course consists of over 26.3 hours of e learning video time and carefully cover the required syllabus. The course has 2 main parts 1; complete notes with explanations and examples and part 2; e videos of past year questions specially chosen, arranged topically and explained by our instructor Mr Menon.

The whole course above takes up more than 26 hours of painstaking video time and even more hours of specially preparing notes and explanations for the course. The total no of past year exam questions covered are over 340.

This course is complete, exam focused and aims to teach a student all the theory he needs to excel in both Paper 1 and 2.

2) The entire course is prepared and instructed by our Mr Menon. You will see his trademark teaching style here, those of you who are his present and ex-students and our subscribers. For those who are new go to the link below to read about Our Instructor.

   Your Instructor Mr. Menon

3) Mr Menon has used a wide range of books both endorsed by Cambridge and some from his personal collection in order to bring the best to you. Have a look at his list of books used here…

On a personal note, this course took many, many hours to do; a painstaking exercise to bring it all in one convenient place to you students as well as teachers. We hope and trust you will excel using our AS Physics course.

On a lighter note, he wishes to thank and hug his ever faithful furry companion during those long hours of preparation and video recording. If you hear gentle snores on some of the videos, here is the ‘culprit’….Tarzan…



4) We hope you will find success and enjoy learning Physics with us!

How to score A in CIE A Level Physics 9702

CIE AS Level Physics 9702 eLearning Video Course

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Syllabus content:

1. Physical quantities and units (1hr31mins)     free preview View Here USD$ 39
2. Measurement techniques (1hr56mins) View Here USD$ 39
3. Kinematics (2hrs22mins) View Here USD$ 39
4. Dynamics (2hrs32mins) View Here USD$ 39
5. Forces, density and pressure (2hrs7mins)     free preview View Here USD$ 39
6. Work, energy and power (2hrs) View Here USD$ 39
7. Deformation of solids (1hr41mins) View Here USD$ 39
8. Waves (1hr55mins) View Here USD$ 39
9. Superposition (2hrs24mins)     free preview View Here USD$ 39
10. Electric fields (1hr18mins) View Here USD$ 39
11. Current of electricity (1hr47mins) View Here USD$ 39
12. D.C. circuits (2hrs41mins) View Here USD$ 39
13. Particle and nuclear physics (2hrs6mins) View Here USD$ 39

List of exam questions used in eVideos by topic

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** Our syllabus is current and updated to 2021
Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics 9702 Syllabus