Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis (CS2) Course in eVideo

Risk Modelling and Survival Analysis (CS2)



CS2 Syllabus for 2022 exams.pdf

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Seminar Videos

Topic 1Loss Distributions (2hrs 5mins)
Topic 2Risk Models Introduction (1hr 55mins)
Topic 3Risk Models 1 (1hr 52mins)
Topic 4Reinsurance 1 (1hr 52mins)
Topic 5Reinsurance 2 (1hr 51mins)
Topic 6Extreme Value Theory (1hr 53mins)
Topic 7EVT tail weights and copulas 1 (1hr 56mins)
Topic 8Copulas 2 (1hr 48mins)
Topic 9Copulas 3 (1hr 51mins)
Topic 10Survival Models (1hr 54mins)
Topic 11Estimating Lifetime Distributions (1hr 43mins)
Topic 12Proportional hazards 1 (1hr 56mins)
Topic 13Proportional hazards 2 (1hr 49mins)
Topic 14Stochastic Processes 1 (1hr 50mins)
Topic 15Stochastic Processes Markov Chains 1 (1hr 49mins)
Topic 16Markov Chains 2 (1hr 50mins)
Topic 17Markov 2 State Model and Poisson Model (1hr 59mins)
Topic 18Time Homogeneous Markov Chains (1hr 52mins)
Topic 19Time-inhomogenous Markov Jump Process 1 (1hr 51mins)
Topic 20Time-inhomogenous Markov Jump Process 2 (1hr 49mins)
Topic 21Exposed to Risks (1hr 59mins)
Topic 22Graduation 1 (1hr 58mins)
Topic 23Graduation 2 (1hr 51mins)
Topic 24Mortality projection (1hr 53mins)
Total Video Time : 45hrs 8mins

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