Exam P: Probability – SOA [Video]

Exam P: Probability – Society of Actuaries

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Lecture Series for Exam P of Society of Actuaries

The following are the recordings for the Exam P of Society of Actuaries , conducted by Ass Prof Ravee Menon to Actuarial Science students of University of Malaya recently (Aug/Sept 2021).

These recordings include his notes for the said course. These recordings cover close to 90% of the said Exam P Syllabus.

Seminar Videos

Topic 1General Probability (2hrs 1min)
Topic 2Univariate Random Variables (1hr 56mins)
Topic 3Discrete Distributions (1hr 54mins)
Topic 4Continuous Random Variables (2hrs 48mins)
Topic 5Multivariate Random Variables (3hrs 21mins)
Total Video Time : 12 hours

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We are now offering access to these detailed teaching recordings to those interested. We ask that subscribers donate a token sum of US $30 or Ringgit 100 for access to these recordings. The funds collected will be used for actuarial matters including funding this actuarial site. We hope that students and instructors will be generous towards this end.

Those interested to get access or have questions, do contact us at
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Thank you for your support and contribution to the fund.
We believe these recordings will help those of you taking the exam immensely.

Good luck !
The Team


General Info


“I am your student, Wei Cong from UM Exam P class. First of all, i would like to thank you for the effective and comprehensive lessons for the past few weeks. I have just taken the Exam P and really appreciate your help during the journey. Once again, thank you for all the help and guidance you had give all this time. I will be looking forward to learn Risk Theory with you on the coming semester.”

— Wei Cong from UM Exam P class

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