Actuarial Statistics (CS1) Course in eVideo

The aim of Actuarial Statistics (CS1) is to provide a grounding in mathematical and statistical methods that are of relevance for actuarial work. It equips the student with knowledge of statistical distributions, methods to summarise data, the principles of statistical inference, regression models (including generalised linear models) and the fundamental concepts of Bayesian statistics. The subject includes both theory and application of the ideas using R.

Chapters :

1. Probability distributions (2hrs 50mins) View Here USD$  
2. Moment Generating Functions (1hr 47mins) View Here USD$  
3. Joint distributions (1hr 50mins) View Here USD$  
4. Conditional expectation (1hr 41mins) View Here USD$  
5. Central Limit Theorem (1hr 46mins) View Here USD$  
6. Sampling and statistical inference Coming soon USD$  
7. Point estimation Coming soon USD$  
8. Confidence intervals Coming soon USD$  
9. Hypothesis testing Coming soon USD$  
10. Correlation Coming soon USD$  
11. Linear regression Coming soon USD$  
12. Generalised linear models Coming soon USD$  
13. Bayesian statistics Coming soon USD$  
14. Credibility theory Coming soon USD$  
15. Empirical Bayes credibility theory Coming soon USD$  

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