Actuarial Statistics (CS1) Course in eVideo

The aim of Actuarial Statistics (CS1) is to provide a grounding in mathematical and statistical methods that are of relevance for actuarial work. It equips the student with knowledge of statistical distributions, methods to summarise data, the principles of statistical inference, regression models (including generalised linear models) and the fundamental concepts of Bayesian statistics. The subject includes both theory and application of the ideas using R.

Notes about our CS1 course in evideo (30hrs)

This course consist of 30 hours of e video and includes pdf notes.

This series of evideos are as laid out by topics and was conducted on Zoom and shows the lecture/ conversation between Mr Menon and his students. This course was intensive and every session was 2 hours.
The teaching sessions while intense are also that between a teacher who is familiar with his students, hence some language/comments/ banter may be deemed er…off colour .. The banter and comments was made in a friendly manner to ease the intensity of a packed 2 hour per session class full of facts , figures, formulae, notation etc.

They were meant to lighten the class albeit for a few moments.
With that we welcome you to subscribe for these e videos. Those who have been taught by Mr Menon before, in Melbourne or Malaysia, will recognize his trademark style of teaching!!

Big thanks to those who subscribe for these courses as the subscription will continue to fund this Actuarial Science Corner.

Free Preview

Chapters :

1. Probability distributions (2hrs 50mins) View Here
2. Moment Generating Functions (1hr 47mins) View Here
3. Joint distributions (1hr 50mins) View Here
4. Conditional expectation (1hr 41mins) View Here
5. Central Limit Theorem (1hr 46mins) View Here
6. Sampling and statistical inference (1hr 46mins) View Here
7. Point estimation (3hrs 33mins) View Here
8. Confidence intervals (1hr 39mins) View Here
9. Hypothesis testing (3hrs 49mins) View Here
10. Linear regression (1hr 54mins) View Here
11. Generalised linear models (3hr 54mins) View Here
12. Bayesian statistics (1hr 49mins) View Here
13. Credibility theory (1hr 49mins) View Here
14. Empirical Bayes credibility theory (1hr 53mins) View Here

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