CIE AS/A Level Further Mechanics 9231 (Paper 3)

Cambridge International A Level Further Mechanics 9231 (Paper 3)


Further Mechanics 9231 (Paper 3) Syllabus 2020-2022 [PDF]


‘Knowledge of Cambridge International AS & A Level Mathematics (9709) Paper 4: Mechanics subject content is assumed for this component.’

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Topics :

1. Motion of a projectile     (112:40 mins) View Here USD$ 89
2. Equilibrium of a rigid body     (345:27 mins) View Here USD$ 139
3. Circular motion   (261.74 mins)      free preview View Here USD$ 139
4. Hooke’s law     (118:28 mins) View Here USD$ 89
5. Linear motion under a variable force     (92:18 mins) View Here USD$ 89
6. Momentum     (97:02 mins) View Here USD$ 119
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CAIE Further Mechanics Paper 3 Fully Worked Solutions

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