Cambridge International A Level Physics 9702

Syllabus content:

1. Physical quantities and units Coming soon USD$
2. Measurement techniques Coming soon USD$
3. Motion in a circle (97:59 mins) View Here USD$ 30
4. Gravitational fields (79:07 mins) View Here USD$ 30
5. Ideal gases (75:06 mins) View Here USD$ 30
6. Temperature (81:15 mins) View Here USD$ 30
7. Thermal properties of materials (108:45 mins) View Here USD$ 35
8. Oscillations Coming soon USD$
9. Waves Coming soon USD$
10. Communication Coming soon USD$
11. Electric fields Coming soon USD$
12. Capacitance Coming soon USD$
13. Current of electricity Coming soon USD$
14. D.C. circuits Coming soon USD$
15. Electronics Coming soon USD$
16. Magnetic fields Coming soon USD$
17. Electromagnetic induction Coming soon USD$
18. Alternating currents Coming soon USD$
19. Quantum physics Coming soon USD$
20. Particle and nuclear physics Coming soon USD$

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** Our syllabus is current and updated to 2019
Cambridge International AS and A Level Physics 9702 Syllabus