How to score A in CIE A Level Physics 9702

Instructions for SUCCESS in CIE‬ A Level Physics (code 9702) with THE MATHS CENTRE

Check out the CIE Physics exam solutions by topics HERE or by years HERE

We have uploaded paper 4 of Alevels Physics CIE code 9702 exam solutions written and explained in full and arranged topically as follows. The exam questions and full solutions date from 2015 to 2006 (past 10 years). Please check out our free preview HERE and look out for our free sample videos..

The physics questions are arranged topically as well as by year.

The physics papers 4 exam solutions are arranged by topics as follows:

  1. Circular motion & Gravitation   (31 questions)
  2. Ideal Gases   (19 questions)
  3. Temperature & Thermal Properties Of Materials   (25 questions)
  4. Oscillations   (29 questions)
  5. Electric fields   (23 questions)
  6. Capacitance   (15 questions)
  7. Magnetic fields & Electromagnetism   (28 questions)
  8. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents   (31 questions)
  9. Quantum Physics   (28 questions)
  10. Nuclear Physics   (27 questions)

Note ..Applications of physics is still in progress..
(communications/prod/use of band theory in xrays/communications/sensing devices/electronics/production and use of ultra sound in diagnosis/nuclear magnetic resonance imaging)

We believe this is a remarkable tool to help you learn and get ready to ace your A Level Physics Paper 4 exams which carries the most marks amongst all the AS and A2 papers.

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