2016 Brand New Look for The Maths Centre

News on 18 Feb 2016

Hello in the year of the monkey!

We are thrilled and happy to share with you new developments and new courses on our site.

Firstly and most obviously is our new look..!!!

We have a new look and have moved to bigger, better and faster server, new colours, smoother login and access.etc..

We hope you will like, indeed love the new site, it’s the brainchild of our admin Eric.. take a bow…if you don’t, let him know too.. 🙂

We have emailed new instructions to login to our new spanking site to all you subscribers… no one was left out…. I hope..

As with new sites, new things, new cars, new shoes etc etc.. a little breakin is required.. so if you encounter any snags just email us or ping us on our chat app and we will help smooth things out for you…

Seriously the new site is larger, faster, better, more of everything…all good..

Secondly… what is new?

Plenty…on our site are our latest fully written exam solutions
For the recent Oct/Nov 2015 (winter exams) for

  • IGCSE Maths code 0580 paper2 and 4 extended
  • IGCSE Additional Maths code 0606 paper 1 and 2
  • Alevels AS Pure Maths 1 code 9709 paper 1
  • Alevels AS Mechanics 1 code 9709 paper 4
  • Alevels AS Statistics 1 code 9709 paper 6
  • A levels A2 Pure Maths code 9709 paper 3
  • Alevels A2 Mechanics M2 code 9709 paper 5
  • Alevels A2 Statistics S2 code 9709 paper 7

We have also uploaded our fully written exam solutions for IGCSE Maths paper 2 and 4 extended Code 0580 for the recent Feb/Mar 2015 (India) exams

Thirdly.. due to special requests made, we have also made available the complete written exam solutions to Alevels Further Maths CIE code 9231 Papers 1 Pure Maths and Papers 2 Mechanics and Statistics for the most recent Oct/Nov 2015 exams.

Mr Menon in his inimitable style has written in great detail and explain as much as possible… seeing further maths is really a whole lot of maths/stats/mechanics…

Fourthly here is the link to our latest Physics code 9702 paper 4 upload…(at last…)
We have uploaded paper 4 of Alevels Physics CIE code 9702 exam solutions written and explained in full and arranged topically as follows. The exam questions and full solutions date from 2015 to 2006 (past 10 years). Please check our our free preview here… link.. and look out for our free sample videos..

The physics questions are arranged topically as well as by year.

The physics papers 4 exam solutions are arranged by topics as follows:

  1. Circular motion & Gravitation   (31 questions)
  2. Ideal Gases   (19 questions)
  3. Temperature & Thermal Properties Of Materials   (25 questions)
  4. Oscillations   (29 questions)
  5. Electric fields   (23 questions)
  6. Capacitance   (15 questions)
  7. Magnetic fields & Electromagnetism   (28 questions)
  8. Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Currents   (31 questions)
  9. Quantum Physics   (28 questions)
  10. Nuclear Physics   (27 questions)

Note ..Applications of physics is still in progress..
(communications/prod/use of band theory in xrays/communications/sensing devices/electronics/production and use of ultra sound in diagnosis/nuclear magnetic resonance imaging)

We believe this is a remarkable tool to help you learn and get ready to ace your Alevels Physics paper 4 exams which carries the most marks amongst all the AS and A2 papers…

IGCSE Additional Maths and Maths…assessment and monitoring progress..system..

Meantime, study hard boys and girls, be happy and we will talk soon…