International Baccalaureate Mathematics Higher Level (IB HL)

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The IB Diploma Programme mathematics higher level course is for students with a strong background in mathematics and competence in a range of analytical and technical skills. Students will be likely to include mathematics as a major component of university studies—either in its own right or within courses such as physics, engineering or technology. The course focuses on developing important mathematical concepts in a comprehensive, coherent and rigorous way through a balanced approach.

Students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems set in a variety of meaningful contexts and to justify and prove results. Students develop insights into mathematical form and structure and become intellectually equipped to appreciate the links between concepts in different topic areas. They will also be urged to develop the skills needed to continue their mathematical growth in other learning environments. In addition, the course will enable students to:

  • appreciate the multicultural and historical perspectives of all group 5 courses
  • enjoy the courses and develop an appreciation of the elegance, power and usefulness of the subjects
  • develop logical, critical and creative thinking
  • develop an understanding of the principles and nature of the subject
  • employ and refine their powers of abstraction and generalization
  • develop patience and persistence in problem-solving
  • appreciate the consequences arising from technological developments
  • transfer skills to alternative situations and to future developments
  • communicate clearly and confidently in a variety of contexts
  • appreciate the multiplicity of cultural and historical perspectives of mathematics, including the international dimension of mathematics.

Topics :

1. Counting Principles   (115:20 mins) View Here USD$ 49
2. Exponents & Logarithms   (129:19 mins) View Here USD$ 49
3. Polynomials   (107:53 mins) View Here USD$ 49
4. Algebraic Structures   (63:14 mins) View Here USD$ 39
5. The Theory of Functions   (124:28 mins) View Here USD$ 49
6. Transformation of Graphs   (135:08 mins) View Here USD$ 49
7. Sequences & Series   (135:36 mins) View Here USD$ 49
8. Binomial Expansion   (43:42 mins) View Here USD$ 39
9. Circular Measures & Trigonometric Functions   (119:14 mins) View Here USD$ 49
10. Trigonometric Equations & Identities   (155:10 mins) View Here USD$ 49
11. Geometry of Triangles & Circles   (84:54 mins) View Here USD$ 39
12. Further Trigonometry   (133:03 mins) View Here USD$ 49
13. Vectors   (97:09 mins) View Here USD$ 39
14. Lines & Planes in space   (125:56 mins) View Here USD$ 49
15. Complex Numbers   (202:58 mins)     free preview View Here USD$ 79
16. Basic Differentiation & its applications   (108:53 mins) View Here USD$ 39
17. Basic Integration & its applications   (158:23 mins)     free preview View Here USD$ 49
18. Further Differentiation Methods   (101:00 mins) View Here USD$ 49
19. Further Integration Methods   (99:40 mins) View Here USD$ 49
20. Further Applications of Calculus   (102:24 mins) View Here USD$ 49
21. Summarising Data   (68:14 mins) View Here USD$ 39
22. Probability   (178:35 mins) View Here USD$ 59
23. Discrete Probability Distributions   (252:33 mins) View Here USD$ 79
24. Continuous Distributions   (242:25 mins) View Here USD$ 79
25. Mathematical Induction   (56:40 mins) View Here USD$ 49

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Package A (Chapter 1 to 12)
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Package B (Chapter 13 to 25)
(29.9 hrs Videos)

USD$ 650 325

Full Package
(52 hrs 22 mins Videos)

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Initially, I was very lost in the Edexcel Further Pure Maths course and was considering dropping the subject very early on in the school year, however after purchasing the e-learning videos for the course, many concepts were made very clear and the worked solutions were extremely helpful. I went from expecting a C to scoring at A* in the final exam, and I love the Maths Centre so much that I am returning to use their IB HL resources and am sure that they will help me very much. I am very appreciative of the Maths Centre and for their resources and I would definitely recommend using them.

Testimonial from Lauren Amelia (Hong Kong) Aug 2018

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