IGCSE Additional Maths Year 11 Revision Questions

This all-in-one revision guide and exam practice workbook for Year 11 gives you everything you need to prepare for your IGCSE Additional Maths exams. Please use the e learning videos for the relevant topic first and then come here to this section to select the said topic and work out your answers.

Please do not look at the full solutions given until you have attempted the question. If you are still unsure or needs some help for that question, please email us.

We are sure that using our e learning videos and the workbooks completely will assure you of a good grade!
Good luck and study hard..

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1. Trigonometry   (12 questions) View Here USD$ 12
2. Trigonometric differentiation   (15 questions) View Here USD$ 15
3. Permutations and combinations   (14 questions) View Here USD$ 14
4. Differentiation   (16 questions)     free preview View Here USD$ 10
5. Applications of differentiation   (30 questions)     free preview View Here USD$ 30
6. Differentiation of exponential & logarithmic functions   (16 questions) View Here USD$ 16
7. Integration   (16 questions) View Here USD$ 16
8. Integration of trigonometric & exponential functions   (17 questions) View Here USD$ 14
9. Areas (evaluation of plane areas)   (18 questions) View Here USD$ 18
10. Kinematics   (18 questions)     free preview View Here USD$ 18
11. Vectors   (25 questions)     free preview View Here USD$ 21

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