Edexcel IGCSE Accounting (4AC1)

The Pearson Edexcel International GCSE in Accounting is part of a suite of International GCSE qualifications offered by Pearson.

The aims and objectives of this qualification are to enable students to:
• understand the nature and purpose of accounting in business and organisations, and the principles on which accounting is based
• understand the use of accounting as an aid to business decision making
• understand the use of accounting as a means of assessing the financial position of an organisation
• develop the ability to quantify, to judge relevance and to write clear and concise explanations.

Paper 1: Introduction to Bookkeeping and Accounting
1. The accounting environment Coming soon
2. Introduction to bookkeeping Coming soon
3. Introduction to control processes Coming soon
Paper 2: Financial Statements
4. The preparation of financial statements Coming soon
5. Accounting for end of period adjustments Coming soon

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