Exam Season Promotions 2016

Help for your coming exams is here…from themathscentre.com
Calling all students sitting for summer 2016 exams re

  • IGCSE / Cambridge Olevels Additional Maths
  • Alevel CIE Pure Maths P1 and Statistics S1
  • Alevels Physics Paper 4
  • Alevels CIE Further Maths
  • International Baccalaureate IBHL

As the summer 2016 exams are fast approaching, here is some special help !
The following are thoughtfully selected revision questions, material and exam type question sets that are very useful to prep you, for your last stretch of learning, practice and striving towards that ‘A’ or desired grade.

The following discounted courses are valid only for a limited time, usually until the date of your exam.
The length of the subscription may be 1 year or less.
Please read the conditions stated for these modules, carefully.

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