Measurement techniques – CIE AS Level Physics 9702


  • Measurements
    1. use techniques for the measurement of length, volume, angle, mass, time, temperature and electrical quantities appropriate to the ranges of magnitude implied by the relevant parts of the syllabus. In particular, candidates should be able to:
      • measure lengths using rulers, calipers and micrometers
      • measure weight and hence mass using balances
      • measure an angle using a protractor
      • measure time intervals using clocks, stopwatches and the calibrated time-base of a cathode-ray oscilloscope (c.r.o.)
      • measure temperature using a thermometer
      • use ammeters and voltmeters with appropriate scales
      • use a galvanometer in null methods
      • use a cathode-ray oscilloscope (c.r.o.)
    2. use both analogue scales and digital displays
    3. use calibration curves
  • Errors and uncertainties
    1. understand and explain the effects of systematic errors (including zero errors) and random errors in measurements
    2. understand the distinction between precision and accuracy
    3. assess the uncertainty in a derived quantity by simple addition of absolute, fractional or percentage uncertainties (a rigorous statistical treatment is not required)

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