Physical quantities and units – CIE AS Level Physics 9702


  • Physical quantities
    1. understand that all physical quantities consist of a numerical magnitude and a unit
    2. make reasonable estimates of physical quantities included within the syllabus
  • SI units
    1. recall the following SI base quantities and their units: mass (kg), length (m), time (s), current (A), temperature (K), amount of substance (mol)
    2. express derived units as products or quotients of the SI base units and use the named units listed in this syllabus as appropriate
    3. use SI base units to check the homogeneity of physical equations
    4. use the following prefixes and their symbols to indicate decimal submultiples or multiples of both base and derived units: pico (p), nano (n), micro (μ), milli (m), centi (c), deci (d), kilo (k), mega (M), giga (G), tera (T)
    5. understand and use the conventions for labelling graph axes and table columns as set out in the ASE publication Signs, Symbols and Systematics (The ASE Companion to 16–19 Science, 2000)
  • Scalars and vectors
    1. distinguish between scalar and vector quantities and give examples of each
    2. add and subtract coplanar vectors
    3. represent a vector as two perpendicular components

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