Dynamics – CIE AS Level Physics 9702


  • Momentum and Newton’s laws of motion
    1. understand that mass is the property of a body that resists change in motion
    2. recall the relationship F = ma and solve problems using it, appreciating that acceleration and resultant force are always in the same direction
    3. define and use linear momentum as the product of mass and velocity
    4. define and use force as rate of change of momentum
    5. state and apply each of Newton’s laws of motion
  • Non-uniform motion
    1. describe and use the concept of weight as the effect of a gravitational field on a mass and recall that the weight of a body is equal to the product of its mass and the acceleration of free fall
    2. describe qualitatively the motion of bodies falling in a uniform gravitational field with air resistance
  • Linear momentum and its conservation
    1. state the principle of conservation of momentum
    2. apply the principle of conservation of momentum to solve simple problems, including elastic and inelastic interactions between bodies in both one and two dimensions (knowledge of the concept of coefficient of restitution is not required)
    3. recognise that, for a perfectly elastic collision, the relative speed of approach is equal to the relative speed of separation
    4. understand that, while momentum of a system is always conserved in interactions between bodies, some change in kinetic energy may take place

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