Current of electricity – CIE AS Level Physics 9702


  • Electric current
    1. understand that electric current is a flow of charge carriers
    2. understand that the charge on charge carriers is quantised
    3. define the coulomb
    4. recall and use \(Q = It\)
    5. derive and use, for a current-carrying conductor, the expression I = Anvq, where n is the number density of charge carriers
  • Potential difference and power
    1. define potential difference and the volt
    2. recall and use \(V = \frac{W}{Q}\)
    3. recall and use \(P = VI\) and \(P = I^2R\)
  • Resistance and resistivity
    1. define resistance and the ohm
    2. recall and use \(V = IR\)
    3. sketch and discuss the \(I-V\) characteristics of a metallic conductor at constant temperature, a semiconductor diode and a filament lamp
    4. state Ohm’s law
    5. recall and use \(R = \frac{\rho L}{A}\)

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