New: Assessment System for IGCSE Maths 0580 & Add Maths 0606

Assessment System for checking students progress on our IGCSE Additional Maths and Maths Extended Course

To parents and students

Hello from The Maths Centre. This is a simple summary explaining how our Assessment or Assignment system works for the IGCSE Additional Maths 0606 and Maths Extended 0580 courses.

Those who enrolled in our Add Maths and/or Maths for IGCSE above will be entitled to have access to our Assignment System. This is currently offered free as part of the course.

Currently our IGCSE Maths consists of 10 modules. Once a student finishes a
complete module, we will sent to him/her the assignment for that module.

He /she will complete the questions and submit his workings/answers to our designated marking site; [email protected]. After we have reviewed the answers/workings we will release our full solutions. The said student can access and view the complete solutions to the assignment, check it and ask us for further explanations if need be.

The same system works for our IGCSE Additional Maths. This consists of 12 modules each for Yr 10 and Yr 11. Total 24 modules.

A student must complete viewing and learning a whole module and then we will sent him his assignment for that completed module.The students will submit their workings and answers to our assessment site; [email protected]. After we review, the students can view, check our complete solutions. They can still reach out to us if they need to.
We have purposely designed a simple assignment system that can help to gauge the learner’s progress. It does need discipline and effort on the students’ part to complete the respective modules in order to attempt the assignment.

At all times the instructors are contactable preferably by email and on our chat widget. We trust that our students will benefit a lot and excel in part due to this extra feature.

[email protected]