2019 May/Jun Exam Season Revision

Good luck in your exams! Some last minute revision!

Hello boys and girls

Exam season is here. We The Team at The Maths Centre want to wish all of you who are sitting for your exams Good Luck !

Also here is some last minute help.

Over the course of this month we will post some questions on our Facebook Fan Page for you to try. You can comment and give your answers below.

The Maths Centre Facebook Page

You can also email us questions or concepts that you struggle with.

We will look at it and try to answer, bearing in mind time is short.

The questions that we put up will be useful to those taking these exams:

  • IGCSE Maths
  • IGCSE Add Maths
  • IGCSE Accounting
  • A Level Pure Maths
  • A Level Stats
  • A Level Mechanics
  • A Level Physics

All the best,
The Team