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Free Webinar on Facebook Live Stream

Hi all, we just had our first Free Webinar on Facebook Live Stream, albeit some minor technical issues at the beginning, it’s a success and we are looking forward to have more webinar on Facebook Live in the future. Big thanks to all who attended the webinar as well as those who sent in their questions. We love experimenting with tech. Facebook Live is amazing. We received a lot of questions. Tried to answer it all. Sorry if yours didn’t get aired. Remember the more you like us the harder we try…

Notes from Free Webinar :-

On that note good luck to all entering this Winter /Oct /Nov exams.
May success be yours.
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Upcoming exciting news

Due to a lot of requests we are finally writing the complete solutions manual to Mechanics M1 and M2 by Quadling – check it out HERE

Also in the pipeline are the following :
IGCSE Maths E videos code 0580 for paper 2 and 4 extended
IGCSE Edexcel Further Pure Maths code 4PM0/01 and 4PM0/02
IGCSE Physics code 0625 structured questions in video…

Talk soon, study hard, be good..

The Team

IGCSE PHYSICS CODE 0625 exam solutions explained in video launched

News on 8 July 2016

Hello everyone….its summer/holiday break now for a lot of you .. hope you are having a good one! Some exciting news..

IGCSE PHYSICS CODE 0625 exam solutions explained in video and with annotations

Unlike our current exam solutions written in full in the traditional way, for the first time we are uploading IGCSE Physics code 0625 exam solutions in video form and with annotations. Yes you can now access our written IGCSE physics solutions as well as listen to Mr Menon’s explanations and comments/tips on the specific exam paper.

We understand that physics is not a stroll in the park.. so some further annotation, explanations and comments/tips may aid those of you preparing to take this exam.

Here is the free preview of 8 multiple choice questions from the recent Nov 2015 IGCSE Physics 0625 Paper 1 ie 0625/11, 0625/12 and 0625/13 exams. –> Free Preview

Go HERE to igcse physic soln site to purchase.

From 2016 onwards , the format of examinable papers for IGCSE Physics 0625 Core and Extended are as follows:
Physics (Core)           Paper 1, 3 and either 5 or 6      Total 3 papers
Physics (Extended)   Paper 2, 4 and either 5 or 6      Total 3 papers

Previously in 2015 , the examinable papers for Core and Extended IGCSE Physics 0625 are as follows ;
Physics (Core)           Paper 1, 2 and either 4/5/6      Total 3 papers
Physics (Extended)   Paper 1, 3 and either 4/5/6      Total 3 papers.
( for both Core and Extended, Paper 1 was compulsory)
You can see the comparison HERE (PDF)
You can check out the detailed 2016 syllabus HERE (PDF)

IBHL and IBSL maths exam solutions will similarly be offered in video form and with annotation etc..keep a look out those of you IB students….

News update (17 Nov 2015)

Hello and news on 17 Nov 2015

Hello again! I hope the exams went well and now you are relaxing and chilling, with year end holidays and the festive season coming up.

Some quick updates:-

  1. IGCSE Add Maths code 0606 and IGCSE Maths code 0580 – fully written exam solutions.
    We have been uploading more of the above exam solutions go check it here:

    Remember you can still email us for some more explanations even after you have bought it, no worries.

  2. IBHL Maths exam solutions arranged by topics for paper1 (from May 2011 to Nov 2013 inclusive)
    We have arranged the above IBHL Maths exam solutions into 14 topics and you can go HERE(PDF) to see the details ie exam questions/ date/ marks etc. You can get the IBHL Exam Solutions for Paper 1 (by topics) here.
    The exam solutions are written in great detail and this is a very useful tool in addition to our

Use all the above and you will be in good standing to take the IBHL Maths Exams 🙂

Meanwhile . best wishes and talk soon.