Cambridge International Alevels Further Mathematics code 9231 coming soon

Our latest upload is Further Mathematics code 9231 for Alevels Cambridge.
The first chapter made available is Polynomials and rational functions.

Our own further maths modules will be uploaded and follows the Cambridge Alevels CIE Syllabus HERE

  1. Polynomials and rational functions
  2. Polar coordinates
  3. Summation of series
  4. Mathematical Induction
  5. Differentiation and Integration
  6. Differential Equations
  7. Complex numbers
  8. Vectors
  9. Matrices and linear spaces

We need to remind those of you who are taking further maths that as per the ALevels CIE syllabus, it is mentioned

‘Knowledge of the syllabus for Pure Maths P1 and P3 in Mathematics 9709 is assumed, and candidates may need to apply such knowledge in answering questions’

We have therefore prepared our further maths modules based on the assumption that students have knowledge of P1 and P3 maths.
Nevertheless our solutions are fully detailed and not sketchy. Our further maths modules are prepared following closely the syllabus and use actual exam questions plus some of our own selections to explain the said topics. These modules are made available for viewing only.

However our modules stand out because they zero in on the syllabus. We used actual exam questions to explain ideas.

Please respect our copyright and do not reprint without our permission.