Special Mid-Month Promo for Nov 2017

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1 IGCSE Checkpoint Maths – the complete course
This is an amazing, complete resource of e learning IGCSE Checkpoint Maths in video form (11 hours) and include a bonus of 2 actual igcse checkpoint maths exam papers with complete step by step solutions.
Normal – USD$150
Now, special price – USD$ 90 only.

This is a complete e learning maths course leading to the The IGCSE Sec 1 exam (Checkpoint Maths).
This course is also very suitable to strengthen one’s foundation before entering to study higher secondary maths eg IGCSE Maths Extended and Additional Maths.


2 IGCSE Edexcel further Pure Maths
Our bundle consists of
24.4 hours of e learning videos (complete course)
And 24 sets of past year solutions (written by us)
From 2012 to 2017

Normal price – USD$ 734
Bundle price – USD$ 550

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3 Our 3rd and final special mid-month promo is as follows;
The complete bundle for Cambridge Pre U Maths
Code 9794 consisting of
Paper 1, 2 and 3 e learning vidoes – complete course of 60 hours
and 24 sets of full exam solutions written by us

Normal price – USD$ 1715
Bundle Price – USD$ 1495

Our Promo price for mid Nov 2017 USD$ 1205


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2017 Mid Year Promotion

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Flash Sale: CIE Mechanics (Aug 2015)



We are having a Flash Sale for Cambridge AS Levels Mechanics 1 (Paper 4) & Cambridge AS Levels Mechanics 2 (Paper 5) !

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Cambridge AS Levels Mechanics 1 (Paper 4) normal price USD$189

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Cambridge AS Levels Mechanics 2 (Paper 5) normal price USD$249

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Special Pre Exam Promo (May/Jun 2015)

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Special pre exam promo for :
Alevels Further Maths Paper 1
Alevels Further Maths Paper 2 (9231) Statistics
Alevels Further Maths Paper 2 (9231) Mechanics
CIE A2 Mechanics 2 Paper 5
CIE A2 Statistics 2 Paper 7
IGCSE Add Maths Year 10
IGCSE Add Maths Year 11

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