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Latest Full Exam Solutions!
We have uploaded the full exam solutions to the Oct/Nov 2014 exams for the following;
IGCSE Add Maths Oct/Nov 2014 code 0606 /21/22/23 and 0606/11/12/13    View Here
IGCSE Maths Oct/Nov2014 code 0580/21/22/23 and 0580/41/42/43    View Here

Alevels CIE Oct/Nov2014
Pure Maths Paper 1 9709/13/12/11    >>
Pure Maths Paper 3 9709/31/32/33    >>
Statistics 1 Paper 6 9709/61/62/63    >>
Mechanics 1 Paper 4 9709/41/42/43    >>

All exam questions for IBHL PAPER 1 from May 2011 to Nov 2013 is arranged topically    View Here
The solutions are all written out with full details and ‘step by step’.

Upcoming courses
Our next immediate upcoming course will be :
IBHL MATHS Options Probability & Statistics
There has been some requests from our IBHL students for the above and we are making it available this month. The e learning videos will present the above in 6 chapters as follows:

  1. Combining Random Variables
  2. More about Statistical Distributions
  3. Cumulative Distributive Functions
  4. Unbiased Estimates & Confidence Intervals
  5. Hypothesis Testing
  6. Bivariate Distributons

View Here

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