News on 24 August 2015

Hello boys and girls,

Summer holidays are at an end. Results are out πŸ™‚

I hope you have all done well and gotten the grades you desired.

Upcoming courses and exam solutions
# Fully written exam solutions for IGCSE Additional Maths code 0606 for May/June 2015 are out, view HERE

# We will continue to upload IGCSE Maths extended paper2 and 4 code 0580 for May/June 2015 as well as the Alevels CIE Maths/Statistics/Mechanics and Further Maths exam solutions for the recent summer 2015 exams. Keep a lookout!

# We are going to upload the fully written solutions, step by step, to our 2 topical workbooks for:-
Revision workbook for IGCSE Add Maths Year 10 by topics
Revision workbook for IGCSE Add Maths Year 11 by topics

We believe that using both the e learning videos as well as the revision workbook will really really help you get that A!

Keep your peeps here.

Cheers and talk soon.