THINK IT THROUGH – Death by chocolates !

Alex and his girlfriend Betty board a train at the South Yarra Station on their way to downtown Melbourne. Neither of them has a valid ticket. Love can be blinding and before they know it, there is a ticket inspector next to them asking for their tickets. Caught with their pants down(???), they plead guilty of trying to hitch a free ride. The ticket inspector (a retired statistics professor) is authorised to administer a special punishment for this offence.

He brings out a box of 9 identical chocolates, 3 of which are contaminated with a deadly poison. He makes Alex and Betty, in turn choose and immediately eat a single chocolate.

Death by chocolate

Question: Is it in Alex’s best interest to persuade Betty to choose first?

(Question based on an idea taken from “ Grimmett”)

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New section : THINK IT THROUGH! (updated)

Hello, today we open up a small section called: THINK IT THROUGH! You will find interesting problems to ponder and do, here goes :-


Five balls are randomly chosen, without replacement, from an urn that contains 5 red, 6 white and 7 blue balls. Find the probability that at least one ball of each colour is chosen.

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Solution :
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