Edexcel A Levels Core Maths 3 Launched

Hello everyone,

School’s back! Between now and year end exams is a short short couple of months.
Time to scramble and get ready…exams and all… Not to worry we are here for you…

Whats new is our fully and complete upload of Alevels Edexcel C3, now fully completed and ready for your use. The whole Alevels Edexcel C3 teaching videos covers fully the C3 syllabus and is done in such a way as to cover the whole syllabus via examples and past year questions. Go check it out HERE, our free preview is HERE.

Briefly the 5 topics are grouped under this headings :

Algebra and Functions
Exponentials and logarithms
Numerical Methods

Go on check it out….Its a complete module and prepared in an exam oriented manner.

Next and upcoming….

We see that IB Maths (International Baccalaureate) has undergone some new changes in syllabus, not much help out there, and a lot of internet chatter as to whether or not it is a hard exam to do…Ai yah… no pain no gain folks.

So here goes, our next upload will be IB Maths HL followed by IB SL.

To those who are taking these exams bookmark us here and watch this space…

New section : THINK IT THROUGH! (updated)

Hello, today we open up a small section called: THINK IT THROUGH! You will find interesting problems to ponder and do, here goes :-


Five balls are randomly chosen, without replacement, from an urn that contains 5 red, 6 white and 7 blue balls. Find the probability that at least one ball of each colour is chosen.

Feel free to write in your answers via our comments section below.

We would love to hear from you, cheers.

p/s : Solution coming soon. Try first.


Solution :
[gview file=”think-it-through-solution.pdf” height=”600px” width=”100%”]