News update on 26 june 2013

Hello everyone,

We are back with some updates.

First up, our Alevels CIE Statistics 2 teaching videos are coming along nicely, 3 huge chapters are uploaded. Those who are sitting for this particular paper we encourage you to try out these teaching modules, they are complete, all in one place and are completely geared towards the exams with step by step instructions. To those of you who wrote and asked for these videos here you are. The whole S2 will be completed by the end of this month.

Next up will be a series of teaching videos for C1 C2 and C3 for Alevels Edexcel.

We are doing this a bit differently from the rest and whats out there. We are going to offer these series of C1 C2 and C3 in the form of teaching by examples, the examples are carefully chosen and taught to you in such a way as to cover the entire C1/C2/C3 syllabus. It will be concise, precise and all example driven.

Look out for these series of C1/C2/C3 teaching videos.

Also a short video soon (free!) on Second Order Differential Equations, useful in FP2 maths.

Again people we welcome any comments, we would love hearing from you.

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Meanwhile happy summer holidays to some and happy studying to the rest.