Update to Hangout on 22-04-2013 (Pure Maths 3) and next upcoming Hangout (Pure Maths 1) on 29-04-2013

Hello everyone,

Our hangout last monday (22 Apr 2013) went smoothly, without any hiccups. The Oct/Nov 2012 Pure Maths exam paper 3 code 9709/33 was discussed. We managed to discuss 7 questions out of 10 in the Hangout hour.

For those who missed out on the Hangout, you can watch the recorded Hangout here :

Our 2nd last Hangout will see Mr Menon discussing the recent Oct/Nov 2012 Alevels CIE Pure Maths 1 paper code 9709/13. The date of Hangout is 29 April 2013 at 8pm (GMT +8), check here for your local time.

Again people, I encourage you to participate in the Hangout to ask your questions and make known your requests. There are a total of 11 questions in this exam paper and of different levels of difficulty and marks. We have alloted 45 minutes for this Hangout and will try to discuss the most important questions.

Come join us !