News update for June/July 2013

Whew…by now most of you would have finished your summer exams 2013. Hope all went well.

A bit of news about whats coming in June/July 2013.

We are uploading Alevels CIE Statistics 2 paper 7 teaching videos: a complete series of teaching videos packed with examples and question bank. Keep a lookout.

Also at the end of June 2013 we will post via Youtube or Google Hangout a look at First Order Differential Equations. The 4 methods to solve 1st order differential equations by

  • direct integration
  • separating the variables
  • homogenous equations-using the substitution y = vx
  • linear equations-use of the integrating factor

The last 3 methods are used in Alevel Further Maths (eg FP2 Edexcel) and are used in Engineering Mathematics.

Keep a lookout for the details of this Hangout or Upload. Give us a ‘like’ to encourage the team. Cheers!

Update on May 18 Google Hangout: CIE Probability & Statistics (code 9709/61) Nov 2012 Exam Solutions

Hello everyone,

Last Saturday May 18, we had our 5th and final hangout for this summer.
The Alevels CIE Probability and Statistics Paper 6 Nov 2012 exam paper was discussed.

The Hangout had a couple of minor glitches as Google+ incorporated some new changes in the outlook and design. However you can still view the whole hour of lesson clearly and without trouble. Maybe in a couple of spots you will find Mr. Menon peering at the screen while waiting for Google+ to change frames, but its all good.

Once again Good Luck to all of you taking exams this month and next!

Google Hangout: CIE Probability & Statistics (code 9709/61) Nov 2012 Exam Solutions (18 May 2013)

Details of final Hangout 18 May 2013

Hello everyone,

Please join us this coming Saturday 18 May 2013 at 7pm (Malaysia Time GMT +8) to discuss Alevels CIE Probability & Statistics Nov 2012 exam paper code 9709/61.

This hangout was timed pretty close to your exam dates. Come join us to chat and discuss this paper and maybe even other related questions you may have.

Send us your Google+ account or add us to your G+ account so that we can give you an invite to attend Google Hangout Live On Air and you can interact with Mr. Menon. You can also check the Google Hangout Event HERE.

Here is also the link to our recent Alevels A2 Paper 3 Pure Maths (code 9709 33) 0ct/Nov 2012 exam paper which was discussed in our earlier Hangout of April 22.

Here is the link to our huge bank of full exam solutions to P3 Maths.

See you this Saturday 18 May 2013 and once again good luck to all those of you taking exams out there.

May your nerves be calm!!!!

All the best to you and you.

Update on Apr 29 Hangout (AS Maths Paper1) and details of final Hangout

Hello everyone,

Our hangout on Monday (29 April 2013) went smoothly. Thank you to those who took part from different corners of the earth, truly the world is flat.

You can find the discussion of the 2012 Oct/Nov exam paper for Alevels AS Maths Paper 1 code 9709/13 here :

Our upcoming 5th and final Hangout will aid those of you taking Alevels CIE Probability & Statistics Paper 6 code 9709/61.

This Hangout will be on Saturday 18 May 2013, pretty close to the exam date.

Again, people please feel free to join us, add us to your Google Plus circle  so we can send you an invite. This will allow you to participate and ask any questions.

See you soon.

Update to Hangout on 22-04-2013 (Pure Maths 3) and next upcoming Hangout (Pure Maths 1) on 29-04-2013

Hello everyone,

Our hangout last monday (22 Apr 2013) went smoothly, without any hiccups. The Oct/Nov 2012 Pure Maths exam paper 3 code 9709/33 was discussed. We managed to discuss 7 questions out of 10 in the Hangout hour.

For those who missed out on the Hangout, you can watch the recorded Hangout here :

Our 2nd last Hangout will see Mr Menon discussing the recent Oct/Nov 2012 Alevels CIE Pure Maths 1 paper code 9709/13. The date of Hangout is 29 April 2013 at 8pm (GMT +8), check here for your local time.

Again people, I encourage you to participate in the Hangout to ask your questions and make known your requests. There are a total of 11 questions in this exam paper and of different levels of difficulty and marks. We have alloted 45 minutes for this Hangout and will try to discuss the most important questions.

Come join us !