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This special prices are strictly for this month (March 2017) only.

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Further Maths Exam Solutions by topics (2006 to 2015 exams) —> View Here

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Alevels Physics Paper 4 9702 exam soln by topics 2006 to 2015 —> View Here

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News on 07 April 2016

A lot of news…
Summer exams for 2016 ; igcse , alevels, IB are here…
Don’t panic! Help is at hand from us…
Go read the amazing offers/discounts from us..1st time ever…

9 special items…
Igcse add maths code 0606/ Cambridge Olevels add maths 4037
Revision workbook with 285 questions and solutions

Alevels CIE AS levels
AS pure maths P1 practise sets with answers
AS Statistics S1 practise sets with answers

Alevels Further Maths code 9231 (summer/winter 2016 exams)
Paper 1 Pure Maths
Paper 2 Mechanics
Paper 2 Statistics 2

Alevels A2 Physics Paper 4 solutions by topics

and not forgetting the IB folks, we are offering for the first time,…

IBHL exam solutions by topics

and for the IB girls and boys, scrambling to learn your options paper 3 of IBHL here goes….
IBHL options Calculus
IBHL options Statistics and Probability

The above 9 items are carefully selected and we slashed our prices or offer discounts as steep as 33% in order to

genuinely give you a pushing hand, some last minute help.
to appease the humongous number of requests for free access to our site…
(please note we do have a lot of bills to pay…you can ask bill gates or some kind soul to donate here.. 🙂
to convince wannabe users of themathscentre.com to come in and learn with us..

Please press on the highlighted links in RED to read all the details of the items that interest you..

Please note those sitting for IBHL exams and Further Maths and Alevels CIE Physics A2 in Oct/Nov 2016/winter 2016).
The offer above is extended to you as well and the subscription/learning period covers up to your exams.

Take advantage folks and by your responses we will come back in the next exam with even more exciting offers..

NEW ,,,,for the undergrads …

The second item of the day will be of great interest to those of you studying in college or universiity and doing
Actuarial Science
any course which needs a quick review of the following;in this new Actuarial Science Corner, we will upload our notes starting with the following;
Discrete Distributions
Continuous Distributions
Generating Functions
How to do double integration
How to do stochastic calculus
We will only charge a nominal fee for this set of notes, the amount collected will go toward maintaining this corner
where all kinds of maths, statistics and actuarial stuff will be uploaded.
so please be generous and help maintain this corner…

Check out the Actuarial Science Corner HERE

Meanwhile, please study hard and we are always here for you, talk soon…

News on 24 Jan 2015

Some exciting news for you out taking the IBHL exams.
Complete IBHL Exam Solutions Paper 1 (2011 to 2013)

We have just uploaded the full exam solutions for all IBHL Exams paper 1 from May 2011 to Nov 2013 online. We decided to arrange all the exam questions and solutions by topics to facilitate your learning process.

Go here to preview our sample exam solutions on Complex Numbers May 2013/TZ2/No 7
Please contact us if you wish to purchase the rest.

We just had a successful exhibition at The Star Education Fair, KLCC this past weekend (17th – 18th January 2015).
We managed to meet some of our past and present students at the fair. For those who missed the fair can check out our photos taken during the fair on our Facebook page here.

Also you can check out the recorded video of our instructor, Mr Menon’s talk on Actuarial Science during the fair on Sunday, Jan 18 here.

Meanwhile, take care, study hard and talk soon.

News update on 13 May 2014

Hello people,

Lots of news and updates…


Firstly we at The Maths Centre would like to wish all of you boys and girls taking your exams this summer; Best of Luck and Peace..

Exciting news people…

IBHL Maths now available
We have completed our upload of International Baccalaureate IBHL Maths, go take a look and check out the free preview HERE
Its a huge upload of 25 topics.

We are currently uploading IBSL as well, so keep a lookout, those of you taking this subject.

Further Maths Teaching Videos now available
Our Further Maths notes for Paper 1 and 2 are already completed, see here..

Due to popular requests and lack of teaching material we are currently uploading the teaching videos, soon you will be able to learn further maths comfortably in front of your computer with us… yay..

Some comments about our recent May 2014 webinars on CIE Mechanics M1 and Pure Maths P3.
Both seminars went smoothly. The technology works perfectly. We had attendees as far as from Trinidad..
We will soon organise regular classes online where students can login and attend classes and learn regularly with us…Just like in a classroom or lecture hall.. except its all in cyberspace…cheers to amazing technology.

Meanwhile stay cool and talk soon….


New and Upcoming for 2014

Hello everyone! We are already more than half a month into the new year. We hope it has been good , productive and exciting for all of you. Pardon the pun but we hope you will gallop to success in the Year of the Horse…(pun intended… 🙂 )


FULL EXAM SOLUTIONS for Alevels CIE P1 and P6 for years 2002 to 2005
We are uploading the 2002 to 2005 full exam solutions for CIE Alevels AS P1 Pure Maths and P6 Statistics exams at our site.

This was initially unplanned but seeing the popularity of our A2 P3 and A2 M1 exam solutions, we have begun uploading the AS exam solutions.

We are in the midst of completing the Further Maths modules.
The modules will cover Pure Maths / Mechanics / Statistics.
The videos will be made available at no extra charge to those who have already purchased our Further Maths modules, check it out HERE

Also our IB HL (International Baccalaureate) will be completely uploaded soon. We are already more than half way there. Check it out HERE

We will also begin uploading our Alevels Edexcel FP1 and FP2 coursework.

So folks, keep your eyes here – plenty of new stuff.
Meanwhile, happy studying, keep well, talk soon.