New and upcoming courses (22-Oct-2013)

Hello. We are excited to announce or next upcoming courses :-

1. International Baccalaureate (IB) Higher Level Maths

This will be our next upload in this month and next.. folks. Please go here to see the summary of the 25 topics HERE , which we will offer to you students out there who are taking this exams. This will be following closely the latest syllabus. Again, as a lot of you our students and clients will attest, our IB Maths uploads will be specific and tailored to the exams and will be a complete course preparing you to take the above exam.

2. Alevels CIE Further Maths

We are also excited and proud to announce that we are also in the midst of uploading the Alevels Further Maths by examples and topics. These would include our typical style of full step by step solution to actual Further Maths exam questions. To those of who are interested and need the solutions, keep an eye here.