Google Hangouts Announcement for April 2013

Attention!! Attend our Google Hangout to discuss the latest past year exam papers!

To all our subscribers and calling all IGCSE/A level students,

The Maths Centre will be hosting a series of Google Hangouts in the month of April 2013. These hangouts will be conducted by our instructor Ravee Menon who will conduct a series of teaching cum discussions of the recent 2012 IGCSE and CIE Alevels exam papers in detail. (Additional Maths / Mechanics 1 / Pure Maths 3 / Statistics)

Those interested and who are taking these exams, please use the form below and sign up indicating your interest to take part in these Google hangouts. We will then sent you an invite to attend and participate on the relevant dates.

For a start , we are proposing the following IGCSE/ CIE exam papers for discussion at these hangouts.

Topic for discussion Date and time (Malaysia Time GMT +8)
IGCSE Additional Maths code 0606/13, code 0606/23
(Oct/Nov2012 exam paper)
8pm evening Monday 8 April 2013
Cambridge CIE Mechanics paper4 9709/41
8pm evening Monday 15 April 2013
Cambridge CIE Pure Maths paper3 9709/33
8pm evening Monday 22 April2013
Cambridge CIE Pure Maths paper 1 9709/13
(Oct/Nov 2012)   Updated
8pm evening Monday 29 April 2013
Cambridge CIE Probability & Statistics paper 6 9709/63
(Oct/Nov2012)   Updated
7pm evening Saturday 18 May 2013

* You can check your local time HERE

The above may be subject to changes, so please bookmark this page, check back constantly for latest announcements. These hangouts are by invitation only and are free. We appreciate your feedback after attendance, a kind recommendation or a suggestion in order to improve. So remember to sign up using the form below. Please state your name, email, exam(s) you will be taking and which hangouts you would like to attend.

Please have pen, paper and calculator ready during the hangout. We look forward to meeting you, doing our bit to help you and simply having a good time.

* Due to the fact that Google+ Hangouts are limited to 10 video conference participants, please fill out the form below to reserve a place on the Hangouts. This is on a first come first serve basis. However we will also live stream the Hangouts on Youtube.

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