Cambridge AS Levels Mechanics 1 (Paper 4) fully worked solutions launched

Hello everyone,

We have today completely uploaded A Level CIE Maths (P1 and P3), Probability and Statistics (P6) and Mechanics (P4), there are samples of free preview material in all the papers. Go check it out and give us your comments, like it to encourage us, its been lots and lots of hours of selecting, writing good material and even more hours of video recording.

These uploads are complete and serve to fully prepare you students to take the A Level CIE Maths AS and A2 exam. Our courses are typically very complete, intensive, covers the syllabus and are exam oriented. Everything you need to know in order to do well.

Go on try us out.

We have also uploaded the full written solutions for A Level CIE Mechanics Paper 4 for 2012, both May/June 2012 and Oct/Nov 2012 sittings …Check it out

Also we have received a lot of likes regarding our upcoming Google+ Hangouts in April to discuss the recent 2012 exam papers, thank you, please like us more  🙂 .. Please remember to email us regarding your attendance…places are limited, we love to chat with you.

Also ,we are in the midst of completing Edexcel Statistics S1 and Edexcel C4 is up next.


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