Free videos on IGCSE/Alevels CIE P1/P3/Stats1 and Mechanics 1

Free videos of Mr Menon’s series of videos on selected May/June 2013 past year questions on IGCSE/Alevels CIE P1/P3/Stats1 and Mechanics 1

Folks, as exams are drawing near, time is short and everyone is busy, we thought it over again and reevaluated our earlier plans to have some hangouts next month. Instead, we are launching a series of free videos on selected exam questions for the most recent May/June 2013 exam papers.

In order to aid as many of you as possible we will choose important questions from all the respective exams, no one will be left out, so keep a lookout! Bookmark our site here or follow us on our FB page.

Our 1st free video is on Question 8 of Alevels CIE P3 ( differential equations). Its a 9 marks question, pretty big and long too. Check it out HERE

The 2nd video is on Question 10 Alevels CIE P1. Its a 12 marks question on integration and differentiation. Check it out HERE

The 3rd video addresses resultant forces Question 6 (9marks) of the Alevels Mechanics M1 May/June 2013. Check it out HERE

Keep your bookmark here and follow us for the rest next week.

Happy studying folks!