A2 P3 exam revision practise questions (set 2)

Here is the 2nd set, A2 exam revision practice questions for those taking A2 P3 exam this Oct/Nov 2014 :-


1) Telephone calls reach a secretary independently and at random, internal ones at a mean rate of 2 in any 5 minute period, and external ones at a mean rate of 1 in any 5 minute period. Calculate the probability that there will be more than 2 calls in any period of 2 minutes.

2) The probability density function of a continuous random variable (X) is given by

f(x)& =dfrac{2}{3} x,&
1 leqslant x leqslant 2,\
f(x)& =0,&

(a) Find (i) (E(X^2)), (ii) (E(X^4)), (iii) the cumulative distribution function of (X).
(b) Suppose (X) is the length of the side of a square. (i) Find the mean and the variance of the area of the square. (ii) Show that the area of the square has a uniform distribution over a certain interval which should be specified.

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