A2 P3 exam revision practise questions (set 1)

Over the next few weeks we will upload a series of practice questions and answers.

Here is the 1st set, A2 exam revision practice questions for those taking A2 P3 exam this Oct/Nov 2014 :-

      1) If (0 < theta < 90^{circ})

          (i) find the exact value of (sintheta) if (6sin 2theta = 5cos theta)
          (ii) if instead (theta) satisfies the equation (8cos theta cosec^2 theta = 3) find the exact value of (cos theta)

          (i) Use the identity for (cos (A + B)) to prove that (4cos(theta + 60^{circ})cos(theta+30^{circ}) equiv sqrt{3} – 2sin 2theta)
          (ii) Hence find the exact value of (4 cos 82.5^{circ} cos 52.5^{circ})
          (iii) Solve for (0 < theta < 90^{circ}), the equation (4cos(theta + 60^{circ})cos(theta+30^{circ}) = 1)
          (iv) Given that there are no values of (theta) which satisfy the equation (4cos(theta + 60^{circ})cos(theta+30^{circ}) = k) determine the set of values of the constant k

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