CIE P3 May/June 2013 question 9 code 9709/33 exam solution

Free instruction on Alevels CIE P3 May/June 2013 question 9 code 9709/33 (10 marks question)

Hello, Here is some last minute help for those taking Alevels CIE P3. This is a 10 marks question on differentiation and integration of trigonometric functions πŸ™‚


The videos is in 2 parts.

Good luck to all you taking exams !

Video Part 1 (8:26 mins) :

Video Part 2 (3:49 mins) :

Cambridge AS Levels Mechanics 1 (Paper 4) Exam Check List

Quick review of some important things you need to know for Alevels CIE Mechanics M1 Paper 4 9709/4 before you go in for your exam this week.

  1. Resolving forces – consider both equilibrium and non equilibrium situations.
  2. Workdone = F x D
  3. Pulley system
  4. Linear Motion
  5. Object on an inclined plane
  6. Energy considerations
  7. Constant acceleration formulas (quite easy), make sure you know how to use all of them.

Goodluck in the exams!

Keep a look out for our video solution for May/June 2013 question 7 on complex numbers. (coming soon)