Special Year End 2 For 1 Promo

Exciting offer from The Maths Centre for IGCSE students!

Hello parents and students,

We are happy to announce our next special offer ;

2 for 1 exam solutions offer (buy 1 get 1 free)

For IGCSE students, we are offering a 2 for 1 purchase on ALL our IGCSE exam solutions:
IGCSE Additional Maths
IGCSE Accounting
IGCSE Edexcel Further Pure Maths

All you have to do is purchase 1 exam solution and tell us which other exam solution you wish to obtain.
There are rules:

  1. you must select the free exam solution from the same subject. No cross subjects please.
  2. You have to pay the higher price item eg if 1 item is USD$9 and the other is USD$10 ,pay USD$10.
  3. This offer is valid for 1 month from 11 Nov to 11 Dec 2018 only.

As you all know, our exam solutions are complete and written in full detail.
As you use our exam solutions and need to reach out for further explanation/clarification, we will gladly reply.


Do take advantage of this 1st time / never offered before deal!

We hope you will find this really helpful and continue your learning with us using our complete e learning courses!

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