Exciting news for the month of Dec 2018

Exciting news ~~ new courses; physics and assessments and loyalty discounts for the month of Dec 2018, as the year ends.

Hello parents, students and teachers

We hope you are having a nice time with your loved ones as the year draws to an end, to those celebrating Xmas, have a blessed Xmas and to those who are not, well you still can share in the joy and celebration or simply have a lovely break!

As the year draws to an end, here are some exciting news from us The Team;
1 New courses
We are starting to upload the Cambridge Alevels; AS Physics followed by A2 Physics, we apologise for the delay as our wunderkind instructor has been really busy with his teaching classes. So stay tuned!
Other new courses coming online are Alevels Accounting for AS and A2 and also IGCSE Business Studies..watch this space..

Another really exciting development is ~~ Online assessments ~~ this is finally coming online within this few months.
We are offering for a limited time; free assessments to our IGCSE Maths/Additional Maths and Accounting courses.
As a result of your feedback, we are finally listening and acting on it!

2 For all our customers, both previous and current look out for a very special thank you offer in your email soon!
We hope you will use it and this is a way of thanking all our supporters!
Talk soon and in the meantime, stay cool

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