News update on 26 July 2013

Hey and hello everyone…. ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls..
Hope you are all having a good summer vacation.. ending soon… boo hoo.. hoo..

ALEVELS C1 Edexcel now complete and uploaded.
Okay,whats new people is we have finally finished and completely uploaded Alevels Edexcel C1. Please check it out HERE. Alevels C1 is taught here completely by examples and will seriously help those of you out there with a er… maths phobia and without any additional maths background….The examples used in our C1 module includes a lot from past year questions. We have arranged it in such a way as to cover the entire C1 exam syllabus. Yay…Go on.. no fear.. try it out..

Introductory Period almost over … those of you who have been thinking of purchasing our Alevels CIE modules.. I urge you please do so quickly. Our introductory period is ending soon and in August, 2013 we revert back to our normal price.

Thirdly, we would like to remind you that your login password is applicable only to one device. Please do not make available your password to your friends. It will jam up your own device and you may have to revert back to us for resettings. Please, we have spent a lot of time, effort and cost to make available a lot of excellent teaching material. When you purchase your modules, you have purchased our allotted bandwidth as a single user.
Please read our FAQ note 6 …. carefully. Thanks and appreciate your cooperation. By all means tell your friends about this site…..just ask them to buy their own modules.. thanks again..

Fourth news is …upcoming modules are Alevels Edexcel C2 and C3 .. and..
drumroll……ta ta .. IB SL and IB HL……

talk to you again later….