CIE A Level Further Mathematics 9231 Paper 2 Mechanics launched

Hello folks,

Its here – CIE Further Maths Paper1 and Paper2 Mechanics complete uploaded.

We are proud and excited to announce that we have completed and uploaded the Alevels Further Maths Paper 1 and Paper 2 Mechanics, follow the links to check it out.

A word or two about this subject, these courses are the pinnacle of alevel maths aka a whole lot of maths, folks… vigorous, exciting and challenging. We have remained very focused on the syllabus required of Cambridge and bring to you in one place the complete course of Further Maths, mindful of the required CIE syallabus and exam needs. Mr Menon has used actual exam questions (2008 to june 2013) as well as detailed notes to bring the Further Maths Mechanics to you. In the Further Maths Paper 1, he has similarly provided detailed notes and used exam questions as far back as 2002.

You are also reminded that you should have adequate knowledge of M1, M2, P1 and P3 before attempting Further Maths. This is stressed in the CIE syllabus.

We have on our site, the respective M1, M2, P1 and P3. If you need to get hold of these courses just follow the links.

Go and take a look at our free preview, rest assured we more than adequately prepare those of you taking these subjects.

Also remember Our Advantage for you, we are still with you as you take the exams and can reach us, whether regularly or often.

Good luck folks, study hard, talk soon,