CIE A Level Further Mathematics 9231 Paper 1 launched

Alevels Futher Maths CIE paper 1 is now completed. Go HERE to check it out. See the free preview and nice comments from one of our earliest subscribers.

Just a reminder about our further maths paper 1 upload, as stated, our further maths modules paper 1 coursework are complete and follows very closely the syllabus. However you are reminded that you have to be familiar with P1 and P3 material in order to cope.

Alevels Further Maths CIE Paper 2 Mechanics will be completed this month. We have already uploaded 2 chapters; ‘Momentum and Impulse’ and ‘Circular Motion’. Check it out HERE

We have also started uploading Alevels Edexcel FP1 and FP2 coursework.

In the midst of this, we will make every effort to complete uploading the teaching videos for IBHL.

Those of you taking exams, do get hold of our videos soon and get a headstart.