Year End Promotion 2020


Dear Parents, Students and Teachers


The year 2020 has been unlike any we have seen before. We hope and pray that you are all well and safe wherever you may be. We wish to thank all our subscribers, past and present for another year of staying true and with us.

In our own way, we have tried to give back or be as accommodating as we can during this crazy year!

As the year 2020 draws to an end, we like to end it well by giving all our subscribers / fans/ followers and also those who wish to try our courses but just haven’t done so, a chance and an affordable one to do it! Subscribe to our courses, attain great grades and success in the coming year 2021!!

We are offering slashed and heavily reduced prices for our courses. Details as below. Please note these prices are heavily reduced and only strictly for a limited time ie from Thursday Dec 24 2020 to Friday Jan 1 2021 only. These times will not be extended. Please use these special opportunity and take advantage and join us for our courses at these special discounted prices! Trust me you will be very happy with us !

Promotion: 24 Dec 2020 – 1 Jan 2021

Last Day – Further Mark Down !

CourseNormal($)Special Price ($)
IGCSE Checkpoint Maths 11 hrs vid200150 130
IGCSE Additional Maths yr11 13hrs vid279210 190
IGCSE Maths extended yr10 + yr11 26 hrs vid450350 320
IGCSE Accounting complete course 23 hrs vid360270 250
IGCSE Physics exam solutions 9hrs incl 2019 solutions180130 110
ALevels Pure Maths 1 14 hrs vid269200 180
Alevels Pure Maths 2 rev course 3 hr vid6545 35
Alevels Mechanics M1 10hrs vid249200 180
Alevels Further Maths Paper 2 16hrs vid600470 420
AS Physics 27hrs vid (with 340 exam questions)450350 320
International Baccalaureate Std Level Analysis and Approaches 27hrs vid750600 550
Edexcel Accounting IGCSE 4AC1 23 hrs with 6 Sets of exam solutions390300 280
Edexcel Further Pure Maths 4PM1 25 hrs vid480380 350
Cambridge Pre U Maths 9794 34 hrs vid745590 540
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We encourage you to subscribe to our courses above during this special year end promotion.

Please note again the offer is good from 24 Dec 2020 to 1 Jan 2021. See you on our site and looking forward to your success and good health in 2021.

Best wishes and warmest regards from us

The Team
The Maths Centre
Dec 2020