Webinar for 2014 CIE Maths Exam Revisions

Hello everyone, boys and girls, hope you are studying hard… exams are round the corner.

Exciting and helpful news


Calling all those of you taking Alevels CIE exams this summer

Hey, we need your feedback ,response and an enthusiastic one at that. We THE MATHS CENTRE for the first time want to host exam review classes via an ONLINE SEMINAR OR WEBINAR and it will be opened to all. Priority will be given to those taking exams this summer, as online seats are limited. The cost if any will be minimal. (Good news…).BUT PLEASE REGISTER GIVING YOUR NAME EMAIL AND COUNTRY/SCHOOL .

We propose to run 2 to 4 exam revision/review classes via webinars online. These are online seminars or online revision classes and is closed to public. This means you cannot view it later at your convenience. These are closed webinars and you have to book your place. These webinars will not be made public unlike our previous google hangouts etc.

We propose the following;

Online Exam review of Alevels CIE P3 Pure Maths and Alevels Mechanics M1

These will consists of discussions of carefully selected exam questions as well as a review by Mr Menon of the important areas in P3 Maths and M1Mechanics. This session is closed to enable you the attendees to feel free to ask without feeling ‘shy shy’  😉

We hope this will turn out to be really helpful to those of you taking the P3 and M1 exams this summer. We hope lots of you from all corners of the earth can participate. We hope our present students and subscribers from as near as Malaysia to China, Brunei , India, Botswana, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Dubai etc etc.. can benefit… and to those of you who are not yet our subscribers, you will also find this extremely helpful and be convinced.

What we asked of you is to go on our Facebook page and register your interest and email or you can email me your response and contact details. Contact: [email protected]

Tell your friends and schoolmates so that they too can participate. Give us plenty of likes so we will feel your enthusiasm and share your urgency and exam fever.

Bookmark this page for further details re dates/ times/ it requirements etc.

TALK SOON……peace.

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