News update on 13 May 2014

Hello people,

Lots of news and updates…


Firstly we at The Maths Centre would like to wish all of you boys and girls taking your exams this summer; Best of Luck and Peace..

Exciting news people…

IBHL Maths now available
We have completed our upload of International Baccalaureate IBHL Maths, go take a look and check out the free preview HERE
Its a huge upload of 25 topics.

We are currently uploading IBSL as well, so keep a lookout, those of you taking this subject.

Further Maths Teaching Videos now available
Our Further Maths notes for Paper 1 and 2 are already completed, see here..

Due to popular requests and lack of teaching material we are currently uploading the teaching videos, soon you will be able to learn further maths comfortably in front of your computer with us… yay..

Some comments about our recent May 2014 webinars on CIE Mechanics M1 and Pure Maths P3.
Both seminars went smoothly. The technology works perfectly. We had attendees as far as from Trinidad..
We will soon organise regular classes online where students can login and attend classes and learn regularly with us…Just like in a classroom or lecture hall.. except its all in cyberspace…cheers to amazing technology.

Meanwhile stay cool and talk soon….